We propose small-scale land utilization using stylish and cost-effective wooden housing. Focusing on detached houses and terrace houses, which are in short supply as rental housing, we plan to achieve high-yield and stable land utilization. Through planning aimed at investment recovery within 10 years, we will assist in the safe and efficient activation of your idle land.

Grand Blue

Low-cost housing for land utilization

White walls with blue roofs. A stylish and elegant Aegean Sea
landscape that complements the majestic nature.

Delivered by KYOWA Urban Design, 'Grand Blue' is a residence where nature, people, and buildings each take center stage.

Features of Grand Blue

Grand Blue, a low-cost detached house ideal for land utilization, crafted by real estate and construction experts leveraging their expertise. Not only does Grand Blue enhance land profitability, but it also represents a new form of asset utilization prioritizing business safety. We propose solutions after analyzing land holdings cherished by our clients from the perspective of real estate and construction professionals.



Low-cost, low-risk with small investments.

Grand Blue is an affordable housing option that can be built at a low cost. It is perfect for investment as rental housing and can target a wide range of families as tenants.



High design, original, and high sense.

Recognized as a stylish 'designer house' with unique and sophisticated design sensibility. It is a high-design building that enhances residential value.



High return, stable, and high yield.

An easily attractable rental price range. Despite low-cost investment, you can expect stable and high returns. It's a land utilization business that even beginners can start with confidence.

Areas of service

KYOWA Urban Design's 'Grand Blue' provides total support not only for building design and construction, but also for business plan development for land utilization, fundraising, and customer attraction support. We recommend a highly secure business where risks are minimized and returns can be enjoyed steadily.

Offered plans

We offer the following three plans, which have the best balance between investment amount and returns. They are suitable even for small or irregularly shaped plots. With distinctive designs and affordable prices that attract customers, you can start a secure land utilization business.

Detached house style

概要 約70㎡3LDK

Terrace house style

概要 約70㎡3LDK×2部屋

Apartment style

概要 35㎡1LDK×9部屋

Key points for land utilization
in the Kansai metropolitan area

While increasing land profitability is important, KYOWA Urban Design also considers business safety to be equally important. We analyze the land holdings cherished by our clients from the perspective of real estate and construction professionals, aiming to minimize investment costs while ensuring substantial residual income compared to operating as a parking lot, and recommending asset utilization methods that can recoup initial investments within 10 years.

Focus on high-demand, low-supply detached houses.

Approximately 80% of people prefer to live in detached houses. However, detached rental houses only make up about 3% of the rental market. When searching for rental properties, most options are apartments or condominiums. This means that even if someone prefers to live in a detached house, the availability of such properties in the vicinity is limited. Therefore, the market for detached rental houses becomes an attractive one with high demand and low supply.

Detached houses have higher tax-saving benefits compared to vacant land or parking lots.

In the Kansai metropolitan area, parking fees are generally higher than in rural areas, so many vacant lots are often operated as open-air parking lots. However, because property tax assessments are also higher than in rural areas, many property owners find themselves dissatisfied with their net income. Additionally, since the era of decreasing private car ownership began in 2009, resulting in a significant decrease in the number of vehicles in urban areas, it is necessary to consider alternative methods to parking lot management.
Therefore, a noteworthy land utilization strategy is the construction of residential housing. By constructing residential housing, it is possible to lower property tax assessments. Furthermore, if each building is on a plot of land of 200 square meters or less, a special exemption for small-scale residential land can be applied. With KYOWA Urban Design's detached rental housing 'Grand Blue', it's possible to compress property taxes to one-sixth of those of a parking lot. In highly valued urban areas, this tax-saving effect is significant, and combined with the increase in income from housing construction, it allows for substantial returns to be expected.

Stable and high rental rates are possible!

Compared to rural areas, it is possible to secure high rents in the Kansai metropolitan area. For a standard 70㎡ 3LDK apartment (surrounding Osaka City), the rent is around 120,000 yen (rent 100,000 yen + common area maintenance fee 10,000 yen + parking fee 10,000 yen). However, for detached houses with parking included, due to the high demand for detached housing, it is possible to set the rent at over 120,000 yen. In fact, there are properties rented for over 150,000 yen in highly popular areas.

High design quality reduces vacancy risks!

One of the features of Grand Blue's rental housing is its low vacancy risk, as it is highly valued for its design, has fewer tenant turnovers, and quickly fills vacancies even during turnovers. It meets the demand of end users, particularly young families.

Lower construction costs and lower demolition costs bring greater peace of mind!

Utilizing the expertise of KYOWA Urban Design, experts in architectural design, the Grand Blue series of low-cost homes has been realized. We have spared no effort in designing to provide high-quality homes at an affordable price, ensuring safety and comfort.
Furthermore, when considering land utilization, one must also think about demolition costs. Unlike reinforced concrete condominiums or apartments, Grand Blue by KYOWA Urban Design can be demolished for approximately 500,000 yen per building. This ease of disposal is an important consideration for land utilization, even if it comes to the point of clearing and selling the land.

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