For the sake of everyone's smiles

Design ability

In commercial architectural design, the most important thing is to create spaces that make customers actually want to enter the store, use the facility, spend comfortable time, and want to come back. To achieve this, it requires research that delves into the behavior patterns of users and design capabilities that utilize accumulated techniques to naturally guide consumer behavior and ensure satisfaction. At KYOWA Urban Design, we generate ideas for space design that satisfy through the wisdom and expertise necessary for creating comfortable spaces.

Bringing passion to life

Proposition power

KYOWA Urban Design carefully listens to and meticulously plans based on our customers' preferences and desires. At times, we also empathize with unspoken feelings hidden in their hearts. By building upon our customers' emotions with our own ideas, new life is breathed into the buildings, and they may even contribute to shaping the future of the city. It is our mission to materialize the images our customers envision. With grand dreams of envisioning a new future through buildings and aiming to exceed our customers' expectations with new and exciting experiences, we are here to help turn our customers' visions into reality.

Maximizing joy within limited costs


"Buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime significant purchase." It is said that creating a home or building requires substantial costs. At KYOWA Urban Design, we are deeply committed to creating designs that meet expectations and maximize joy within limited budgets. We strive to hear comments like "This is so great" or "I'm pleasantly surprised, it exceeds my expectations" from our customers. It's easy to say something cannot be done, but enabling the difficult is also our value proposition.

Peace of mind with trusted quality

History and achievements

KYOWA Urban Design Co., Ltd., with a history spanning over half a century since its establishment, has left numerous works in the world. We have created buildings in various fields, including large-scale commercial facilities, major public facilities, as well as hospitals and welfare facilities.

For our clients, for the users of the buildings, and for the people living in those cities. Our history is the embodiment of our commitment to diligently and earnestly facing our work and striving for excellence.

For the satisfaction of our customers.


We at KYOWA Urban Design provide thorough support for our customers' peace of mind, from technical consultations to aftercare following the completion of custom-built homes. We aim to ensure that our customers can trust us without any worries, and feel free to consult with us about aftercare maintenance or renovations even after construction. By empathizing with our customers' perspectives and prioritizing their peace of mind and smiles, we will respond with care. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact KYOWA Urban Design.

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