Architectural design firms produce wooden houses and assist with design and construction. Architect teams responsible for designing general buildings will propose lifestyles that match the new style for families. We will propose home construction that fits your ideal, from planning to interior and exterior design, tailored to fit the present.

Custom Homes by KYOWA Urban Design - Key Points



Excellent Seismic & Fire Resistance
Authentic Custom Wooden Homes

Resilient to earthquakes, wooden homes are surprisingly resistant to fire and heat. We support building safe and secure homes by utilizing the characteristics of wood, such as its moisture-regulating and resilient properties.



Different from others!
Design and Ideas

An era of diversity. Experienced architects pursue not only visual beauty but also comfortable designs tailored to individual lifestyles.



Enjoyable even after completion!
A home that grows with the family

As the family grows, there is the joy of seeing the home evolve and grow with it. We make every effort to ensure that the precious home is used comfortably for as long as possible.

Construction Process

To ensure you can entrust your precious home with peace of mind, we meticulously handle each process from initial consultation, layout determination, on-site inspection during construction, and beyond. Please also rely on us for aftercare following delivery.

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