Create Buildings Citys Happiness
Create Buildings Citys Happiness

The reasons for choosing

Person and Building

We specialize in the design and construction of large-scale commercial facilities, major public buildings, and the design and construction of wooden residential homes.
Looking at a single building, it may appear to be just a simple box. However, with a broader perspective, it's also an integral part of the community and society. The building we create can serve as a starting point, leading to the creation of a whole new city. Our work involves urban development, and we approach buildings with such aspirations in mind.

The reasons for choosing


Architecture design

We specialize in the design and supervision of various buildings such as large-scale commercial facilities, major public facilities, condominiums, hotels, welfare facilities, and office buildings. Since our establishment, we have accumulated over 50 years of experience and history through collaboration with major architectural firms and leading construction companies, in addition to our in-house design capabilities. We will collaborate with our clients to create architectural works that incorporate creativity into planning, design, and supervision, envisioning forms that are always sought after by the next generation.

【Using CAD】

Architecture design

Smallland utilization

We propose small-scale land utilization using stylish and cost-effective wooden houses. We will plan to realize high-yield, stable land utilization projects, focusing on single-family homes and terrace houses, which are in short supply as rental housing. We will assist you in safely and efficiently revitalizing your idle land through a plan aimed at achieving investment payback within 10 years.

Grand Bleu Smallland utilization

Housingdesign & construction

An architectural design firm will produce wooden residential homes and assist with design and construction. The architectural team responsible for designing conventional buildings will propose a lifestyle tailored to the new style for families. We will propose a homebuilding process that aligns with your ideals, offering planning and interior and exterior design that fits seamlessly with the present moment.

Registered First-Class Architectural Firm - Registered with the Governor of Osaka Prefecture(り)No. 8191
General Construction Industry Registration - Permission from the Governor of Osaka Prefecture(般-2)No.153462

Housingdesign & construction


Mヶ丘高齢者複合施設 S造4階建 2,900㎡
道頓堀 商業ビル S造3階建 3,800㎡
S学園キャンパス SRC造10階建 10,200㎡
SC大阪店 S造3階建 12,500㎡
K大学国際科学イノベーション拠点施設 SRC造5階建 11,100㎡
O大学薬学部1号館 RC造5階建 9,560㎡
H病院 新病院 RC造5階建 6,890㎡
Grand Bleu

Low-cost housing for land utilization

White walls & blue roof. The stylish landscape of the Aegean Sea,
set against the magnificent backdrop of nature.

"Grand Blue," delivered by KYOWA Urban Design, is a housing concept where nature, people, and buildings each take on leading roles.

Single-family rental

Overview 約70㎡3LDK

Terraced house

Overview 約70㎡3LDK×2 rooms


Overview 35㎡1LDK×9 rooms
Small-scale land utilization

Designing life with people in mind.

We offer low-cost housing for the effective utilization of idle land. We will plan to achieve stable rental income by providing single-family rental homes, which are in high demand but limited in supply. We provide excellent safety features and a wide range of options to fully utilize your land.



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